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PES 2011


Improved 360 movement and dribbling
Total freedom over passing and shooting – In-depth look at passing
Emphasis on total control
Power gauges on all shots, passes and headers
Speed stars – Not too much information, but they seem to separate the ‘elite’ players from the rest movement wise
Dribbling harder
Shot & Stamina Gauge – Low stamina affects strength and pass/shot accuracy
No AI intervening during matches
Improved defensive AI
Re-worked all animation elements
Much improved jostling
Larger variety of tackles
Speed gauge to determine pace of the game
Reworked feint and trick system. Map multiple tricks to right stick
Harder difficulty level.
6 levels of difficulty in total, with 1 secret
Improved goalkeeper animations and intelligence
Improved referees
New penalty system
Reworked throw in system


Enhanced facial animations
Motion blur on replays
Skin tight shirts
Nicer grass
More natural lighting
Overhauled interface and presentation
New camera angles, more TV broadcast style which vary depending on stadium
Scoreboard now says team names instead of badges
Match statistics appear during game under scoreboard ie number of shots/corners


Jim Beglin new co-commentator
Improved commentary script and implementation
‘Live’ commentary
Improved stadium atmosphere, crowd cheers and jeers

Master League

Master League available online


New drag and drop tactical system
Tactical timeline option to implement strategies at certain times or situations
Slider bars changed from 0-100 to 0-20
More emphasis on strategies
Hexagon graph now back


Stadium Editor
More options

Become a Legend

Massively reworked
“players are cast as an upcoming starlet and strive to earn major honours and become the world’s greatest player”.
In the locker room, the manager gives you clear instructions on tactics to be used, your tasks, expected play area on the pitch, and player you have to mark, etc. Instructions change depending on situation of your team.
Manager gives you feedback on your achievement of given tasks including play area and tactics for you after the match.
Receive evaluation messages and rating from the manager.
Users will be able to recognise how much trust your manager has in you and level of your contribution to the team. This will make users have a sense of accomplishment after the match.


Licenses are always being acquired and may change. Only listed are newly confirmed licenses.

Copa Libertadores
Argentina – Colon, Estudiantes, Lanus. Newell’s Old Boys, Velez Sarsfield
Bolivia – Club Blooming, Club Bolivar, Real Potosi
Brazil – Corinthians, Cruzeiro, Flamengo, Internacional
Chile – Universidad de Chile
Colombia – Independiente Medellin, Junior, Once Caldas
Ecuador – Deportivo Quito, Emelec
Mexico – Estudiantes Tecos, Monterrey, San Luis
Peru – Allianza Lima, Juan Aurich
Paraguay – Cerro Porteno, Club Libertad, Club Nacional
Uruguay – Atletico Cerro
Venezuela – Caracas, Deportivo Italia, Deportivo Tachira

Official PES 2011 Trailer

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Check the must see trailer of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 – PES 2011

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iPES – The Fan App on iPhone

25th November, 2009 | Posted by admin |

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH today announced its iPES – The Fan App is now available for free on the App Store. The app has been specifically designed to appeal to PES fans with an iPhone or iPod touch.

iPES – The Fan App allows users to collect credits in different sections and features four news channels plus a host of sub-games, each of which allows users to collect fresh points each day. Accessing the PES News, PES Blog, PES League and sports news streams will reward the user with 50 credits each day. There is also a daily quiz which offers users 50 credits if the Question of the Day is answered correctly first time, or 25 if they get it on the second attempt.

The app also includes videos of some of the greatest scored goals on PES 2010. Each month, three of the best goals scored will be uploaded and users encouraged to select what they consider the best goal in return for 750 points. There is also a ‘What Happens Next?’ sub-game where users watch footage from PES 2010 and pick from one of three possible outcomes. Getting it right first time will earn them 500 points, with 250 gained if it is guessed second time round.

Point credits from the app can be used to collect special PES 2010 cards. A pack of five collectors cards costs 250 points, and contains a mixture of tips and tricks skill advice, team cards, club badges, or stadia. Purchased cards are stored within the user’s All-Star Album and they can also swap, or trade, cards with other iPES – The Fan App users over Wi-Fi.

The iPES – The Fan App is a great way to keep in touch with the PES series and it has a strong social element as it can be set to download all new elements automatically and link with friends via Facebook.

iPES – The Fan App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at iPES – The Fan App was developed by Clanmo GmbH, Mobile Interactive Agency, Munich.
For more information or assets, please contact Steve Merrett at Voltage PR on 020 7903 5122, or email

All copyrights or trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used under license.

iPES – The Fan App


iPES is the iPhone App for PES fans.

Collect credits (points) with everything you do in the App and exchange the credits directly in the App for digital PES 2010 collector cards in a range of categories. You can browse through all the cards you have already collected in your album and see which ones you already have or how many collector cards you are still missing.

PES 2010 Collector cards

You need 250 credits for a pack of PES 2010 collector cards. Each pack contains 5 random collector cards.

The counter on the top right corner of the App shows you how many credits you currently have. The counter turns green when you have enough credits for a new pack. You can then open a new pack of PES 2010 collector cards in the “All-Star Album” area.

Each pack contains a random selection of cards.

There are cards from the following categories:

- Tips & Tricks (various tips and tricks to do with PES 2010)

- Teams (various club and national teams from PES 2010)

- Team Badges (emblems or flags of the club and national teams from PES 2010) and

- Stadiums (football stadiums included in PES 2010)

Collecting credits (points) / Features

You can collect credits by using all the features of the iPES App. A different number of credits are allocated for each feature.


iPES contains 4 news channels. PES News, PES Blog, PES League and UEFA News. You will get 50 credits each time you access a news channel, however only once a day!


A new question is activated every day in the quiz. If you answer correctly first time around you get 50 credits, at the second attempt you only get 25 credits and there are unfortunately no points for the third attempt.


iPES has 2 video categories

Goal of the Month

This section contains videos of 3 PES 2010 goals each month. Simply select your favourite and you get 750 credits. You can find all previous goals of the month as well as the voting results in the archive.

What Happens Next?

Here you will regularly find interesting PES 2010 videos and you have to guess how each video ends.

Look at the scene and then decide on one of three possibilities. All possibilities depict a possible outcome. If your first guess is right you get 500 credits. If you don’t guess the correct solution until your second try you only get 250 credits. You unfortunately won’t get any credits if you don’t guess correctly until your third try.

You can find all past “What Happens Next?” videos under the menu option Archive if you want to play them again. There are however no credits in this case.

The All-Star Album

Here you can exchange your credits for PES 2010 collector cards and browse through the cards you have already collected. As soon as the collector card pack has a folded corner, this means that you can open a new pack (also indicated by the green-coloured credit counter). You can rip open a pack by swiping your finger from left to right quickly over the pack.

If you tap on the pictures display in turn at the bottom of the display, this takes you to the gallery containing the cards you have already collected.


You can trade collector cards with your friends via the Wi-Fi function of your iPhone or iPod touch. You must of course be within Wi-Fi range to do this.

Click on the Trade icon >picture< in the menu of the All-Star Album in order to start trading.
Then connect up with the telephone or iPod touch of your exchange partner. Now you can both select the picture that you want to trade. You can finally confirm the trade on the screen and the two pictures selected will be swapped between the two devices.


You can decide in the Settings whether you want to share your successes in the App with your friends on Facebook. You will however still be asked before every publication on your Facebook profile whether you consent to the publication.

You can also decide here whether the application should automatically search for new content such as videos, quiz questions etc. so that you don’t have to reactivate the application every time you start up.

Amazon Selling Record Numbers

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Amazon are looking at a record amount of pre orders for the latest in the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

With the hype making the mouths of the prospective buyers of the game water, there are many like yourself that want to get their hands on a copy of the game at the best possible price.

We have decided to step up our efforts to get you the best online price available for the game plus free home delivery!

So where can you Buy PES 2010 at a cheap price?

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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Demo Released on PC

26th August, 2009 | Posted by admin |

The much awaited Pro Evolution Soccer addition to the series is soon to hit the highstreet stores, with player numbers expected to have raised by a further 5% over the huge number of gamers who bought the title on their last release.

The game has had a huge amount of work placed into the gameplay and graphical aspects of the game and we are pleased to be able to tell all PC gamers that they can get their hands on a demo of the new game, well before other platform gamers have the chance!

The demo allows PC gamers the opportunity to play the game with 4 selectable sides, giving them the chance to play the game and get a feel for the new and improved version of the game.

Not a PC gamer? Well now could be a great time to become one.

The link for the Pro Evolution Soccer 6 demo also known as PES2010 demo can be found by clicking the links of the name within this line.*

* Evolution Soccer have no responsibility over the content of the download on the listed links as they are commissioned by a site that has no relation to the brand. Please download with caution and always use an anti virus when downloading from the internet.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Trailer

11th August, 2009 | Posted by admin |

Well guys its here, the trailer for the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 has been leaking into the media for a number of months and here it is for you to catch a glimpse at.

Be warned that seeing this video will mean that you are about to be addicted to the new release and so are set to be saving until October 2nd 2009.

Face Recognition Upgraded

11th August, 2009 | Posted by admin |

When playing the current Pro Evolution Soccer game 2009, you will often find yourself laughing at the faces of some of the players within the game, especially those of the players from Barcelona.

The faces of the players seemed to have been created by a junior at the company although the company used facial recognition software when the game was in creation.

This time around the company have taken onboard that they let the standard slip within that area and have spent both time and money on improving the detail within the game, not only on the look of the players but also the detail used on the kits that the licensed clubs wear.

Check out our PES 2010 Screenshots for other views of the game and its new indepth detail.

Amazon Agree 25% Off Deal With Evolution Soccer

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After we contacted we have successfully agreed a deal where as we will partner up on their sales of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, bringing you the opportunity to buy Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 cheap.

The game has been set for release on 16th October 2009 but their are talks of the game being ahead of schedule and this would see the game released on the 2nd October 2009.a

Either way, you can pre order the game today at at a reduced price of £32.99 rather than the RRP of the highstreet stores which will be set firmly at £44.99.

Price for the different consoles do vary, so where is a little run down of how much you could save just by buying the game through clicking our Amazon banner:

Playstation 3 – RRP £44.99 Our Price £32.99

Xbox 360 – RRP £44.99 Our Price £37.96

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Playstation2 – RRP £29.99 Our Price £24.99

To get these great prices all you have to do is click on the banner below and you will become eligable for the discounts that are shown above.

It couldn’t be any more simple and its done in a matter of minutes.

Get the game delivered to your door on day of release and what makes the deal that little bit more appealing….


PES 2010 To Be Released On Wii Platform

11th August, 2009 | Posted by admin |

After their efforts last year to get Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 onto the Nintendo Wii format failed, Konami have said that they are certain that they are going complete the title for the platform this year.

Previously the Wii system could only offer FIFA as its main football simulation game and so sales for the game were huge as players looked to get to grips with the new active controls.

This year will offer more of a fight from the Konami corner, with PES 2010 been released onto the market alongside its counterpart gaming platforms.

Developers for Konami have said that the game will offer higher quality of graphics, realism as well as better free kick controls. This will increase the game play and the enjoyment of the game, putting more decisions onto the player rather than the programming.

Personally i’m not a fan of the Wii platform but that could be because i am an old school Playstation gamer and have never had the reasoning to stray from the fact.

Although, i know that this release news will be met with open arms by Wii gamers as the graphics and detail shown in release videos and images shows that FIFA could well be sold short this year.

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