PES 2010 To Be Released On Wii Platform

11th August, 2009 | Posted by admin |

After their efforts last year to get Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 onto the Nintendo Wii format failed, Konami have said that they are certain that they are going complete the title for the platform this year.

Previously the Wii system could only offer FIFA as its main football simulation game and so sales for the game were huge as players looked to get to grips with the new active controls.

This year will offer more of a fight from the Konami corner, with PES 2010 been released onto the market alongside its counterpart gaming platforms.

Developers for Konami have said that the game will offer higher quality of graphics, realism as well as better free kick controls. This will increase the game play and the enjoyment of the game, putting more decisions onto the player rather than the programming.

Personally i’m not a fan of the Wii platform but that could be because i am an old school Playstation gamer and have never had the reasoning to stray from the fact.

Although, i know that this release news will be met with open arms by Wii gamers as the graphics and detail shown in release videos and images shows that FIFA could well be sold short this year.

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